Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall Hayride and Bonfire

Devin and I went on a hayride with his class section from school this year instead of going to any halloween parties. Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I can't ever seem to make up my mind on a costume and it is such a hassle to me, so I was relieved that we had a "way out" this year. The hayride that was supposed to be a haunted hayride was... unless you are scared of girls screaming in the distance and guys in plastic masks and dark robes jumping on the back of the trailer, among a few clowns with fake chainsaws... not scary! We enjoyed the hot cider and smores at the fire pits. Although everyone said it would not rain on us it did, just little raindrops but a lot of them, just enough to get a little too wet on our walk back to the truck. It was a fun change this year but as I look back I enjoy all my friends halloween parties much more.


  1. We missed you at the party! But it looks like you had a good time :) Might I mention it's about stinkin time you put up a new post. I didn't know you guys were still around jk.

    We for sure need to play more. Just quite work and play for a living, it worked for us.

    I can't wait for our cruise! Mexico or Bust!!!!!

  2. hi lynette! i'm so glad you sent your blog address. it's fun seeing what you're up to! :)
    sarah (bartnett) clark

  3. Looks like you had fun! You and Devin are too cute! Look forward to seeing you later!

  4. Looks like fun! :) I found your blog through a friends. Funny how that works! I've been thinking about you!

    Julie Matthews

  5. You two look so cute! I am Molly Adams daughter alita. She worships your style and creativity so I always hear about you. Saw you on Marissa's page and thought I would say hi. We are at if you are interested.;)