Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick trip home

Markie with dad

Markie and his lion that he named tigger

Me and my grandpa

My cuddle time with gramps gotta love how cute he is

My mom and her friend Pauline

We went to Reno in April to spend some time with my Grandpa. He had surgery on his heart and did much better than we expected. We are so happy that he is doing well! While we were there Markie turned 30 so we had a little party with some of his friends there. Happy Birthday Buddy! It was good to see my family as well, it had been too long since we had been together.

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  1. YOU are in BIG trouble, missy! I've been worried sick about you!! No one has heard anything from you in forever. I'm relieved to see a post! How in the world are you? PLEASE call me!! I miss you!!!!