Monday, April 20, 2009

Utah Trip

We had a crazy trip to Utah in March. After debating forever about taking a ski trip to Utah this year, Devin finally convinced me that he should go and this year I decided to go with him, after all I haven't been skiing since we left Utah, and this year I was able to go. We got to Utah and had a great time, we stayed in Park city with the Miller's for the first two nights and we loved seeing them and catching up. We got up early Friday morning and skied all day at the Canyon's. Then day two we decided to go snowshoeing instead of skiing because the weather was so warm. Devin, Dallin, Logan,Justin and I went for a little snowshoe trip. We had fun and tried to look tough in our pictures! The girls headed out to dinner for a little girls night together, we ate at a Japanese steakhouse! The boys went mountain biking on Saturday as well since the weather was so nice. Brenda and I went to some really fun baby boutiques, which I will have to remember when our little baby comes. We ate an amazing little Italian restaurant on Saturday night in Provo. If you get a Chance you have to eat at Gloria's Little Italy! They have the best desserts and some of the best Gelato I've had in the US. The rest of the trip was the crazy crazy part. We stayed at Molly Adam's house the rest of the trip and I thank God every day that we stayed with her. She is so much like a second mom to me and she took care of me the whole time we were there. Ok to preface the story I have a very strong stomach and never get sick, in fact I have not thrown up since I was 8, So I always told Devin that if I did throw up he would know for sure that I was prego... well for as sick as I was in Utah you would have thought I was prego, but no such luck I was just plain sick for 3 days!!!! I have not been that sick ever in my life! Molly was the best she made me some tea to settle my stomach and then kept the fridge stocked with Gatorade and lots of Chicken Noodle soup for me. I can't thank her enough for taking care of Devin and I while we were there! Somehow everyone in Utah got sick. There was a flu bug going around and all the little birds got it bad. Overall the trip was great! Devin and I loved our new skis, and had a lot of fun skiing. Next trip to Utah I am excited to finally have new ski boots!

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  1. You guys are too fun. Your ski post makes me miss hitting the slopes!