Thursday, October 29, 2009

My HOT Ironman!

Devin decided that he wanted to do an Ironman triathlon about what seemed like a year ago. Now he had an excuse to play any sport he wanted to and several in one day. The phrase around our house was "I need it for my race" "it's for my race" race race race race... Finally the day of the race came we drove 3 hours to Oklahoma and stayed in a hotel the night before the race and went to bed early . However, just as we settled into nice relaxing sleep, some little punks running in the hallway, knocked super loud on our door - startling and waking us up. Needless to say, we did not sleep well.

After finally falling asleep, we woke up to a beautiful morning - that is until 30 minutes before race time. As soon as we got to the race black clouds rolled in faster than I have ever seen and it started to rain! It poured and poured everyone was grabbing trash bags and umbrellas. The race was delayed for an hour and there were sections of mandatory dismount on the bike part because there was 8" of standing water on the course. It was crazy! I watched Devin during the 1.2 mile swim and his transition to the 56 mile bike, he did very well on the swim finishing it the exact time he wanted to. He did well on the bike also. I left during the 3 hour bike portion of the race and spent 2 hours drying my clothes at the hotel!

I got back just in time to watch him do the 13 mile run! He ran really well, because he had the best running coach:). However, due to undertraining, his hamstring started to cramp up real bad after the first few miles and that made it tough to run fast but he kept at it and ran well! He finished his race in 6 hours and 20 Min which was just a bout 20 mins over his goal.

Devin thinks he did pretty good. Especially since before race day he had never biked the full 56 miles or ran the full 13 miles! He is thinking he should train a little more before his FULL IRONMAN race next year:) Great Job Babe! Here are some pictures from the day


  1. Amazing! I am feeling reeeeally lazy after reading this. An Ironman is the ultimate endurance challenge. I'm just trying to work myself up to a 5K ;)

  2. RIGHT ON!!! GOOD JOB! Which Full Ironman are you planning on doing? I signed Kurt up for the full Ironman St. George.