Monday, August 2, 2010

Lynette's new Love

Ok, there is a new love in my life... don't worry it's a different kind of the love I have for Devin... it's the love of a challenge and something new and exciting. Much of our summer is being spent out on the lake on the boat! If you can't find us chances are we are on the boat. We love being on the water and love taking everyone out and teaching them to surf ski, wakeboard and sometimes even wakeskate. As much as i love watching the boys do their tricks and flips and all there jumps grabs and all that fun stuff, I love being behind the boat too! I watched them all last year while I was restricted from doing all water sports and now I am ready to go out there again. I have always loved skiing, but on the lake you have to go at 6am to get nice glassy water which I don't mind but there are only an occasional Friday and Saturdays that we go that early so I decided to start surfing behind the boat... which you can do anytime with any type of water,choppy or not. I LOVE IT!!

Watching Devin do one of his amazing flips!Go Babe! You rock!

Surfing will 2 year old Will! I'm not sure who loves it more Devin or Will! So Cute!


  1. You go girl! I would love to try some of that! I was still able to slalom ski this summer, so that was a relief in my old age :-)

    Looks like fun!

  2. Love your boat! Thanks for taking us out. The kids and I had a blast. They keep telling me about how much fun they had with Lynette and Devin and want to go again!