Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun

We had 4 days of Halloween here in Texas.

We first went to Devin's work Party "The BOO BASH" it was lots of fun where mommy even entered the pumpkin carving contest and won the most creative pumpkin. We had a fun time meeting all the people that daddy works with.

Our Next Halloween adventure was the trunk or treat. It was at bluebonnet elementary school just around the corner from us. We invited our Neighbors Tim, Christine and Tessa to come along. We had a good time and Austin was so cute in his pumpkin costume.

After that we went trick or treating and went on a fun hayride. We had so much fun trick or treating with the Rasmussen's and the Manions! Austin was all smiles that day and then fell asleep on the hayride. We then ran over and went trick or treating with the Derrs, Slaways and the Mitchells. We love watching all the kids in their costumes and loving how much candy they get. Happy Halloween.

More pictures to come of the Rasmussen's Halloween Party!!


  1. LOVED reading and seeing all your new posts! He is so cute and you guys are such cute parents! Keep all the posts coming!

  2. We are so happy for you guys! I don't think anyone ever doubted that you would be amazing parents! Congratulations again!

    *Monte & Hayley Miller

  3. You took some great pictures! Austin was such a good trick or treater! cute pumpkin