Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 months old and learning lots of new things!

Austin had his 4 month check up. He is still very healthy and is growing and developing very well. He is 13lb. 12 oz which is in the 45% and his length was 24" which is 25% so he still seems to be on the shorter side :) He is really starting to giggle and laugh a lot and it is really fun to hear him laugh we will have to get a video of that. He has also found his voice and has learned that when he's in New Jersey he has to talk really loud to be heard over all the rest of the people here! He has mastered rolling over from stomach to back and is starting to roll from his back to his side... not quite to his stomach yet, but any day he will do that. He is a coordinated little guy too - getting good at reaching for and holding onto things! He seems to like dancing he laughed all day watching his Mommy and Auntie's play dance dance revolution either that or he was just laughing at us!!! he went to his first movie yesterday (Yogi Bear) and he got his wish from Santa and is now eating rice cereal!

And he had his first Christmas . . . see the next post for more about that!

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