Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Rice Cereal

While we were in New Jersey Austin turned 4 months old... where did the time go? The Dr. said he was good to go with rice cereal a little in the morning and then some at night so here are a few pictures of the first time eating rice cereal at night. He actually did really well at swallowing... Mommy decided to practice with just the spoon a few times before and still thinks that was why he did so well. He loves his rice cereal we just have to make sure that he gets it before he is too hungry or then no one can feed him fast enough! He gets excited when he sees it and usually will try to get to the spoon before you are getting it close to his mouth! He is a funny little guy and it pretty fun watching him learn how to to see if it ever becomes a cleaner task...As I feed him I try showing him how to do it just picture me as I say Aah (with mouth wide open) Yum and sometimes Austin follows my moves but most of the time just thinks I'm funny thus laughing and rice cereal going all over me!


  1. That's about right. That's how my boys were. He is a cutie

  2. What a QT Austin is! Glad he is loving his rice cereal!!! So fun!