Saturday, February 19, 2011

Austin is so talented

We are so proud of little Austin. He seems to do things early. He decided that he could feed himself and now likes to hold his own bottle and doesn't want you to hold it for him or help him except on the few occasions when he drops it then he wants help. He often gets upset when you are trying to help him get the bottle back in his mouth but doesn't realize that his little hands are preventing you from putting it in (he's pretty strong). He gets very excited when he sees his bottle and can't wait to get it. He reaches so hard for it while we are making it up. It's really cute! He also went on his frist skateboard ride. We went to this standing wave place and they also had skateboards you could test out so Austin tested out his first skateboard. He rode it all by himself for 10'. We may have to post the video of that to prove it.

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  1. Of course Austin is talented! Wouldn't expect anything else!!!