Monday, December 22, 2008

One of my Favorite Finds and more home pics

I love my office!!! I love the clean fresh feeling that it has every time I walk in. I knew that I had to have a fun office because I would be in there paying bills and doing all those tasks and it makes doing those tasks so much more fun if you have a fun enviornment to do it in.

I couldn't decide for a long time what color to do our guest bedroom in. I knew that it would be either in white black and red or tiffany box blue. Since I did our powder room in tiffany box blue we went with red in the guest bed. I wanted something comfortable and old fashioned. I have added a few more things I got from my mom when we went home that add the pefect touches and I really like how it is turning out.

One of my favorite finds is this ottoman! I loved it the instant I saw it! Devin really liked it too and it adds color to our Family room. This room is the one that needs the most work--we are excited about it and I know everything I want to do, I just need some time to. 1) save enough money to do what I want and 2) to find the perfect accessories. I 'll post some more pictures as it comes a long. I love how fun it is to go watch a movie in this room!


  1. You're a great decorator. Cute rooms. I love red too!

  2. Lynette...Hi!! I found your blog through Melanie's (not that she ever updates ;-) Anyhow, love how cute your house is and the fun decorating touches you are adding. I enjoy collecting fun stuff for the house, myself!

  3. Love it Lynette :) The problem with decorating is ALWAYS not having enough money to do whatever you want!! Ahhhhh, if only I could just do whatever/whenever I wanted! I can dream :) I still wish we lived close....I am in desperate need of bathroom ideas!! Love you, hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas & New Year :)

  4. I can't wait to have a home and be able to decorate it. Red is a great color!

  5. I love your new home!! That is so exciting and you have done such an amazing job with it. It was wonderful to be updated on your fun life's adventures. Thank you for sharing.