Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adoption help

We have been approved for adoption for almost a year now. As I keep looking at how many people have viewed our adoption profile, I can't help but think about the phase that we are at... It is called Finding your baby... I feel the urgency in that phrase every time I read it and feel like we need to do more every day.So we are asking for your help. First off we want to let everyone know that we are thrilled with the idea of finally being a mommy and daddy. The last six years have been quite the roller coaster and we're looking forward to what the next couple of years could possibly hold. Thanks for sharing in our adoption journey! We hope that you will keep us in your prayers and we promise to keep you updated on any exciting news.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE... We would like to ask that YOU help us spread the word about our efforts to adopt in a very simple way. PLEASE... tell everyone you know about OUR ADOPTION blog,(THERE IS A LINK AT THE END OF THIS POST) even if they may not be single and pregnant, they may know someone that is or maybe know someone at their child's school, at their church, at their work, that is part of a sports team, etc. that is or may become pregnant and may wish to explore the idea of adoption. YOU could be the link that brings us together with the birth mother of our special baby. YOU could take part in the miracle of completing a family. Yes....YOU! Thanks for sharing in our adoption journey!


  1. Good luck to you both!

  2. I know something will work out. You are a great couple. I'll keep you in my prayers and try to spread the word too :-)

    Miss you, Lynette! Don't give up. I know how challenging it can get!

  3. I added your adoption blog link to my blog.

    Good luck with everything, you guys will make wonderful parents!!