Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love my dad!!!

My kitchen went from this:

To this:

One of the awesome things about my dad is that he is so handy. He can fix just about anything and build anything and I love that I can call him too and ask him about a problem in my home and he can walk me through the process on how to fix things. I like to say that I have fixed almost all the lil problems we have had in our house but really I have to give credit to my dad he's the one I call and he will tell me how to fix it, SO thanks dad!!! I love how excited he was while he was here to do any little or big project I was wanting done in my home. He did everything from building me cornice boards to fixing my toilet (which I failed to fix 3 times)helping me get rid of that awful wallpaper in the nursery and retexturing it, installing our bike rack in the garage and installing all my new kitchen appliances!!! Yay Thanks mom and Dad for my new kitchen... I think about you every time I use them it will only make moving that much harder... so i guess we'll just have to convince Devin that we need to stay here forever. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the fun we had while you were here. I love that things are fixed in my house I just miss having a good reason to call you SO much!i always say cooking is much more fun in a cute apron but cooking in a new kitchen may just be better than that!

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  1. Love your kitchen. What a kind Dad you have.

    I am glad you are loving your boat. You'll make some great memories on the lake.