Thursday, April 22, 2010

Devin's new toy!!!

Ever since we graduated from undergrad Devin has been trying to convince me that we needed and could afford a boat... which we both well new was not true... he may have wanted one but definitely could not and would not afford one. However he talked about it all the time like he really was going to get one the whole 2 years in Boston he talked about buying a boat and then we went to B-School in Michigan again we needed a boat during this "blissful school life" sure Devin everyone in B-school can buy a boat with their student loans right? So no boat there either, now you have to understand Devin's sadness that this exotic boat wish was looking pretty bleak. Once we graduated and moved to Dallas Devin just knew he would get a boat it was perfect we would be working and the weather was always nice, so he began the oh so familiar trips to boat shows and to marinas and to boat dealers looking up boats on line, looking at new boats at used boats and at left over boats, you name it his life revolved around getting that much wanted boat... my desire for house things always came with Devin's question to me "would you rather have that or a boat"... which I somehow managed to get a few things for the house too. However reality set in and no boat was bought the first year... Crunching the numbers in the budget in the end quit clearly said NO BOAT this year... student loans to pay off, Lynette's gorgeous home and medical bills took the place of the boat. Devin was a little lucky he had made a good friend who had a boat and went out in the mornings before work... Devin soon joined Kirk in morning ski and wakeboarding runs before work and weekends spent at the lake on the boat. I thought this would suppress his desire for a boat, however in the end it only fueled his desire for his own boat more... Again the number crunching and obsessing about boats began once again... he did everything he could to make sure his desire for a boat was met. He even sold his truck and bought what we call the '82 Volvo (love you for that Ash) it actually is a '95 Lexus, to sacrifice for the greater good. After test driving every boat known to man, Devin fell in love with the Supra 21V... it is the best crossover for skiing, wakeboarding and surfing all of his loves including me looking hot on the boat too. So boat show time came and we pulled the trigger and bought a beautiful boat. Did I mention Devin had to convince me about every weekend that we could afford this? The next new "toy" is for both of us... more about that later :) For now here are a few pics:

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  1. Congrats on the boat! I have wanted a boat for years and keep telling Scott he is going to come home and find one in the driveway. My family had a boat growing up so I have fond memories of water-skiing and boating with my family. Hopefully we'll get to check it out sometime!